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Overview of SKP

Established in 1990, Stuart Kasdorf Photographics has experienced and thrived in the rapidly changing dynamics of the photographic industry. From film to digital capture we have continued to refine our craft. The business is currently focused on two distinct photographic divisions, Portrait and Commercial. Using current digital technologies, and a vast array of lighting tools, Stuart is able to create a wide range of solutions for his customers.

Stuart has mastered the tools of photography to the degree that his 'photographic offering' is heightened by his ability to spend the necessary time 'pulling' the extra expression or composition from the opportunities presented.


Stuart Kasdorf the Photographer
Foremost Stuart is an artist. Woven throughout the course of his business duties is a constant desire to ‘feed' himself creatively. Stuart is constantly working on one personal project or another, that range from people, scenics and video. Stuart's artist statement is this: "Art is the hope in the artistic, and it transcends culture, time, and geography. Art is the scarcer big brother in the family of the artistic."

Stuart's philosophy that is well integrated into his life and business is to treat all people with dignity and respect. His portrait work shows a high degree of respect to the ‘subjects' of his portraiture and customers whom he tends to elevate.


Kasdorf Portrait
Stuart's great rapport with people has the benefit of helping his subjects to relax to reveal their unguarded portrait during the portrait session. Our thorough planning prior to the portrait session will get your project going in the appropriate direction for location, environment, clothing and impact. Stuart is a master of lighting, composition and intuitive insight. The right combination of these elements will assist giving the finished portraits their high artistic and historic value. The best images are selected and finished to the best of our abilities utilizing both soft and hard proofing to bring out the subtle textures and hues in the portraits. All portrait are 'colour struck' unto the highest quality photographic materials that may include stretched artists canvas.

"Your family portraits Stu are unlike any I've ever seen. You not only record how people look but your lens seems to look right into the soul and capture the true essence of a family and the way they interact in a way that is very non intrusive and complimentary. I've seen a lot of portraits in my time Stuart but when I think of the very best I always think of you, you really are the master."

-- Rodney S. Braun, Master of Photographic Arts


Kasdorf Commercial
Lighting, composition and collaboration are key factors to the success of our efforts. Many corporations appreciate Stuart's demeanor and professionalism on the job site, and his ability to showcase their people and products, and the 'team' approach to solving complex problems. Stuart Kasdorf Photographics is in business to provide clients with innovative photography. Every image will be optimized to its greatest potential using the latest in digital raw image processing software, and post processed with a very high degree of care. We are in the business of leaving a legacy of the highest level of imaging quality. The combined experiences are both pleasing and rewarding from the initial contact through delivery of the final 'image plates'.

"Clearly understanding the intention of the images and their intended use, Stuart is always prepared for anything, whether capturing an inanimate object or directing a board room full of high-powered executives who are pressured for time."

-- Deborah Black, dblack.communications


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