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How SKP Works

Commercially, the photography can be a simple as phoning to make an appointment for a new business portrait, or as complex as creating a collection of images from a few disconnected ideas. The process of putting together the components for a collection of photography that will best meet your needs is relatively simple, and it can involve a number of components.

We are pleased to become involved with whatever planning you need to make sure your project gets off to a great start. I often find that the charges that are incurred at planning time are off-set by a more efficient and productive photography session. If you have any questions about planning, please call and we can suggest an appropriate level of planning to suit your needs.

Photography Services
Our fees are charged portal to portal. We include in our estimates the time required to set-up, tear down and travel. You can count on our estimates to be accurate.

Digital Administration
Reflects the time required to copy, register and archive our raw captures. Every assignment requires some level of this service. All our digital files are stored on a ‘raid-array’ until they are archived to blu-ray for future accessing.

Related Costs
Costs vary according to project. We do not charge travel costs kms, on assignments in Saskatoon for example. Additionally, you may be interested in our catering services, or knowing that our accommodations are billed at our cost.

Digital Finishing
Your project finishing needs might be well suited to having us colour correct the raw files, create large jpegs and burn all to a DVD for your production department to ‘finish’. On the other hand, if you have a small agency or if you are the end user, we can create a web gallery, assist in the editing, and finish the choice images for you.

We are sure that you will have questions about our services, when and what costs apply,
time frames and creative questions. Please call or email, we would sure like to talk with you!

Contact SKP
Phone: 306-652-4060
Email: Click to email SKP


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Contact SKP
Phone: 306-652-4060
Email: Click to email SKP

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