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The Kasdorf Family Portrait Experience

Our philosophy of 'esteeming people', creating a visual legacy, striving to capture your family's essence, and simply doing what we do the best we possibly can, will reward you with invaluable family heirloom art pieces. It's your life, Mark your Milestones.

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"This is something every family should do! We have gotten comments like "breathtaking and amazing". We didn't know we could look so good."

-- Sandra Boucher (click to read more testimonials)


Portrait Calendar, Family Photography
We shoot family portraits throughout the year, but certain times of year are great for specific types of portraits, from grad photos to our northern lakes tour, and more.

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How SKP Works
The multi-stage process to create a great family photograph is a shared, collaborative process, that we facilitate to better serve you and meet your needs. Quite different from choosing a framed piece of art from your local gallery and asking to have it delivered the next morning, a great family portrait is created through an artistic process that begins with a discussion of ideas. The process is similar to having a home built, and dialoguing with the builder about your desires. "Yes we would like a wood burning fireplace, and lots of windows." The more specifics the builder has, the higher the probability that you will be pleased with the results. Your level of satisfaction is tied to the quality of input to your project at the planning stage.

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