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How SKP Works

The multi-stage process to create a great family photograph is a shared, collaborative process, that we facilitate to better serve you and meet your needs. Quite different from choosing a framed piece of art from your local gallery and asking to have it delivered the next morning, a great family portrait is created through an artistic process that begins with a discussion of ideas. The process is similar to having a home built, and dialoguing with the builder about your desires. "Yes we would like a wood burning fireplace, and lots of windows." The more specifics the builder has, the higher the probability that you will be pleased with the results. Your level of satisfaction is tied to the quality of input to your project at the planning stage.


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The Portrait Inquiry - Are We Suited To Your Project?
Come for a visit to view a collection of finished portraits. At that time we will review process, pricing and answer any questions you might have. The more questions the better! If you decide we should move ahead with your project, we will ask for a nominal deposit, and start the idea exploring and planning process.

The Planning
What portraits have you seen that you like? What emotions would you like to represent in the portrait? Do you envision the finished portrait as color or B/W? Is there a location that you would like to consider for the portrait? These are but a few of the questions we will go through to assist in guiding us through the planning stage. Quite often, we need to 'sit' with an idea overnight, and allow it to lead to other possibilities. When we have a direction, we set and confirm the date and time of the portrait session.

The Photography Session - Body Language, Composition, Lighting and Emotion
We have discussed your priorities, and for the next few hours we will be working with you to create an enjoyable family activity. We will alternate between choreographing the 'set' and giving you total freedom. Background distractions are minimized, natural lighting is enhanced, and with care we capture your family at their best. Loving one another! When we pack-up to go home, we have many great portrait options for you 'in-the-can' for the selection process.

The Portrait Selection - Less is More
We will show the best of the best to you. This avoids wasting your time with viewing hundreds of images and the energy needed to make decisions about each one. Our unique portrait projection method is great for seeing details, and selecting your favorites. If you wish we will demonstrate a variety of sizes of your favorite portraits. We will discuss how to create amazing impact with your portraits, and how finishing techniques and material finishes can enhance your enjoyment of your portraits.

Image Finishing - Far Beyond The Basics
While we are known for our photography, one of the hallmarks of our photography service is the level of care we put into our portrait finishing. We have two levels of finishing, the base level is for smaller portraits up to 10". Our wall décor portraits receive additional critique and "working" by our production team including the removal or reduction of any distracting elements and careful attention to colour. This creates a beautifully enhanced heirloom portrait.

Our team knows that if they are tempted to ask Stuart whether something is "good enough" then the answer is likely "NO". The best plan is to continue working on the image until they are convinced it is perfect. Even then Stuart is likely to tweak some aspect of the work that you will see. He is a gentle, persistent, and determined perfectionist - you will benefit from this!

Ordering and Delivery
We start the delivery date 'clock running' when your order is confirmed by making a 50% deposit or by dividing your purchase price into installment payments and making your initial payment. Either option works for us. Our delivery goal is 30 days for smaller portraits, and 60 days for wall portraits. We always recommend allowing Stuart to help you with the decisions around framing your images as this is an integral aspect of the creative impact of your portraits.


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