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Picture Perfect: Sask Business magazine profiles Stuart Kasdorf

Written by Keith Moen, photos by Matthew Ramage, courtesy of Sask Business magazine

Stuart Kasdorf is the architect behind his award-winning photographic company. Though he's unlikely to admit it (and who can blame him), Saskatoon photographer Stuart Kasdorf has something in common with George Costanza, the character on the popular '90s sitcom Seinfeld. And no, it's not a comparative sheen emanating from the top of their heads. Rather, as all Seinfeld diehards know, Costanza was infatuated with being an architect, although he never became one. Not even close - though he was known to impersonate one the odd time, usually for a ficticious company, Vandalay Industries.

Kasdorf, on the other hand, had a similar ambition. Unlike Costanza, however, Kasdorf was motivated enough to pursue his goal of becoming an architect. "It was not a dream, but it was a goal," he says, adding it was the design element that really intrigued him. As a student at the University of Saskatchewan, he was introduced to art history and it was in this class that he really understood that he wanted to be a visual communicator. In fact halfway through his first year he had an epiphany.

"I remember the very moment I knew I had to be a photographer, it was really weird," he admits. "I was walking down this hallway and I'm looking at it and I'm looking at the stairs. In my head, I realize I'm actually photographing it. I wasn't designing it like an architect, I was photographing it. I thought I should become a photographer and immediately, it caught fire with me. That was it - done. In literally five minutes, I had made my career choice. And this time it was not just a goal, it was a dream."

Click the PDF below to read the full article, courtesy of Sask Business magazine.


Picture Perfect: Sask Business magazine profiles Stuart Kasdorf


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