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Why Choose SKP?

You choose Stuart Kasdorf Photographics for the creation of an iconic image of yourself or someone in your business when you are looking for a master! Stuart's portraits of athletes, academics, writers, musicians, designers and business people are known to take one's breath away.

It wasn't long ago that another Saskatoon photographer told Stuart that he had ruined their evening when they saw one of Stuart's published images. They said, "Stuart, you did it again. I kept wondering all evening why I hadn't thought of that?"

This leads one to wonder what truly sets Stuart apart from other photographers? The answer isn't a simple one. Many photographers are creative and passionate about their work.

Stuart's work consistently represents his high investment in people and the stories connected to them.

His work also demonstrates his absolute commitment to listening well in the conception and planning stage of the project. He won't quit until he believes he's captured the photographic vision.


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