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Why Choose SKP?

The benefits of being able to work with Stuart are many. He is known for his people skills, patience, and genuine interest in you and your project. Stuart's thorough and careful planning session helps to reduce wedding day hassles. With 20 years of experience in the wedding photography industry he knows how things go!

Mark Your Milestones
Many couples have thanked Stuart not only for the fabulous photography but the planning that helped make their special day less stressful and so much more enjoyable. It is during the French Collection portrait session and then the wedding planning session that ideas for imaginative and creative portraits are birthed. The resulting artistic vision is the foundation for fabulous wedding portraiture.

Stuart is a master of both natural and artificial lighting. He will capture some candid snapshots during your day - it is however his creative use of light and modern posing that results in portraits so beautiful that they will literally take your breath away.

Kasdorf wedding clients always say that there is just too much great work to choose from.

We help make the process easier by having one of our team members do the initial edit. We work with you to select the images that will become part of your wedding album, making sure that you are included in all the important decisions.

Our album designer gives your album their complete attention and creative energy. The results of this entire creative process are images and an album that uniquely represent you and your wedding day!


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