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Read what people are saying about Stuart Kasdorf's wedding photography.


"Kayla and I had a remarkable experience in the hands of Kasdorf Photographics. They were very professional and extremely organized. From doing all the appropriate research of where to shoot in a place that was foreign to Stuart and his team, to making our wedding party, our family, friends and guests feel comfortable in front of the camera. Stuart is not only an elite photographer; he is an artist that knows how to create the perfect portrait. Stuart and his team found places to photograph that were unique and original. He created an atmosphere and a theme that was unique to our special day. Kasdorf Photographics was instrumental in making our wedding day everlasting."

-- Chris & Kayla Cozac


Letter of Reference
I have had the pleasure of working with Stuart Kasdorf and his team at SKP several times over the last number of years: family photos, graduation photos, engagement photos, and most recently, wedding photos. In my family, choosing Stuart Kasdorf Photographics to capture and preserve our most precious memories over the years has simply been a given.

My most recent experience working with Stuart and his photography team was this past June 2008, for my wedding. Because of my prior experiences working with Stuart, along with his proven ability to create beautiful photographs, I was completely confident that Stuart Kasdorf Photographics was the best possible choice for capturing my wedding day memories - and I would not be disappointed!

From the first conversation with Stuart over wedding date availability, to the day he personally presented us with our finished album, Stuart Kasdorf and his team of experts acted in a most professional, accommodating and generous manner. It was always made clear that their number one goal was to ensure that my husband and I were completely involved and satisfied throughout the entire planning process.

Prior to the actual wedding day, we had several phone conversations with Stuart over our constantly changing wedding date - an issue that Stuart responded to with much graciousness, promising to ìmake it work whatever we ultimately decided. His dedication to working with us eased our minds and allowed us to focus on other wedding demands early on in the initial planning stages.

Once a wedding date had been firmly established, we met with Stuart to discuss a proposal for our engagement and wedding photo sessions. The various meetings prior to the actual photography sessions allowed my husband and I to connect with the Kasdorfs and vice versa, making the entire process much more personal. By the time our wedding date arrived, we felt as though a friend was taking our photos - not a stranger.

In addition to allowing us to connect with Stuart and his team, the meetings prior to the wedding also allowed us to discuss our vision for our wedding day photographs and particularly, various potential locations. From the onset, we felt perfectly comfortable with whatever ideas Stuart and his team presented. His impressive portfolio speaks for itself, and is truly the work of an artist. We were never for a moment worried about the ultimate outcome of our photographs.

One of the most impressive experiences we had with Stuart and his team actually occurred on the day of our wedding. The weather forecast changed overnight, and we awoke to pouring rain, a shock after a weeklong forecast for sunshine which had led us to select nearly all outdoor locations, only two days earlier in our final meeting at the studio. Ever the professional, Stuart called very early on the day of the wedding and assured us that we had nothing to worry about; that he already had a plan and was busy lining up indoor locations that would be as stunning as anything we had previously decided on. I was immediately at ease, and completely comfortable trusting Stuart Kasdorf and his team to take control, knowing that Stuart is simply incapable of accepting anything less than perfection in any given circumstance.

For us, the photography session with Stuart on the day of our wedding was one of the highlights of our day. Stuart Kasdorf and his team created a relaxed, professional and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. At the end of the day, many of our friends and family commented on how fun and innovative the photography session had been, and how quickly the time had flown by. At all times, Stuart was dedicated to capturing the significance of our big day, while setting everyone in his presence at ease. Stuart never put his camera down, continuing to snap photos throughout the wedding ceremony and reception - far more than we had originally decided during our consultations. All of the extra photos were generously taken at no additional cost to us, further demonstrating Stuart Kasdorf's commitment to capturing the essence of any event and ensuring client satisfaction.

When the time came for us to select photos for our wedding album, Stuart Kasdorf and his team once again welcomed us into their studio, and presented us with the most stunning array of photos; so captivating were the images that we ended up doubling the size of our wedding album in order to perfectly preserve the images for life. Stuart's trained eye for excellence and detail facilitated us in selecting the best images possible - a seemingly impossible task, as every photo was distinct in its own way. In addition, Stuart was so determined that we not be forced to discard any images we loved, that upon our final viewing of the proposed album, he surprised us with a gift of additional album pages to ensure that none of our favorites were abandoned.

The absolutely stunning album we now possess far surpasses anything we could have ever imagined on our own, and the most frequent compliment we have receive from friends and family alike is that they ìhave never seen anything like it! Words cannot begin to express our own heartfelt appreciation for the exquisite work of art that is our album, along with the wonderful memories of an absolutely enjoyable experience working with Stuart Kasdorf Photographics.

We have found a trusted photographer for life, and we look forward to continuing to work with Stuart Kasdorf and his team of experts in the future!

-- Sincerely, Meredith & Jeff Rhinas


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