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How SKP Works

The process to create a memorable experience on your wedding day is a shared, collaborative process. We work with you and your family to create a plan that will ensure the photography day runs smoothly and the images we create are both unique and memorable.

We will discuss your interests, family, ideas and concerns and through this process conclude the locations, mood, and story line of your wedding day.

Your Wedding Day
Our previous experience and the planning we will have done with you will help the actual photography day run as smoothly as possible. All we need is for you and your family to relax and enjoy spending time together!

Choosing Your Portraits
We will project and edit the portraits with you here in our studio. This is the easiest and most effective means of helping you to choose your favorite portraits. Don't worry, we have tissue! Lots of people find it QUITE emotional (in a good way).

The Art
Going hand in hand with the photography itself is the digital artwork. With years of experience and investments in the best tools, our team is equiped to finish your images with world class quality. Your Kasdorf Signature Album will be absolutely unique.

Along with creating your album, are some AMAZING & Luxurious options for displaying your work with impact & life! We offer both Traditional and LEADING edge Finishing for holding the memory that is your wedding day. We win hands down when it comes to originality and design expertise.

Stuart Kasdorf is a nationally award winning wedding photograper. Part of the success comes from his dedication to detail. Unlike any other experience, Stuart and his team will take the time to listen, learn about the you and your fiance, and become personally invested in the quality of photography, the excitment of the experience, and the care that is needed for a bride and groom to be comfortable, relaxed and focus on nothing else than each other. Creating the most memorable portraits of your lifetime starts with the Kasdorf Experience.


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